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Teacher to Teacher: Reshaping Instruction Through Lesson Study (Facilitator's Guide and Video)

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Image of Teacher to Teacher: Reshaping Instruction Through Lesson Study (Facilitator

NCREL has released a comprehensive, multimedia resource based on Lesson Study, a job-embedded, collaborative professional development process. Teacher to Teacher: Reshaping Instruction Through Lesson Study is designed for teacher facilitators and professional developers to help support effective professional development opportunities for teachers. For decades, Lesson Study has been at the core of Japanese teachers' professional learning. Teacher to Teacher includes a video and Facilitator's Guide. The 63-minute video contains three segments: an introduction to Lesson Study, the story of Ohio elementary teachers involved in Lesson Study through a mathematics lesson, and the story of Ohio secondary teachers participating in Lesson Study through a science lesson.

The 140-page Facilitator's Guide includes interactive group processes, handouts, transparencies, facilitator notes, tools, and articles to support Lesson Study implementation.

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