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Technology in Education

Computer-Based Technology and Learning: Evolving Uses and Expectations
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Image of Computer-Based Technology and Learning: Evolving Uses and Expectations

When it comes to technology integration, proponents and critics alike search for proof that technology in the classroom can make learning more meaningful, engaged, and sustained. Policymakers, educators, and administrators want to see long-term learning gains if they are to invest a large amount time and funds integrating technology into the curriculum.

To better understand the impact of technology on learning, the authors of this booklet document the three distinct phases of educational technology uses and provide cumulative findings around each use: print automation, expansion of learning opportunities, and data-driven virtual learning. The following questions are asked in each phase: (1) What evidence is there that the use of computer-based technology had a positive impact on learning? (2) What significance do the findings have for educators today as they try to make technology-related decision that have an impact on student learning?

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