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Training: One Hour Session
What Are Linkages?

This session examines how after-school programs can connect to the regular school day. As an introductory activity, participants watch one 15-minute video segment to identify the elements of successful linkages.

Before Viewing
Ask participants to define "linkages" between the regular and after-school day.

Viewing the Video
As they watch, have participants record examples of linkages they see in the video, as well as any questions that emerge.

On the Video:

Grade Level:Middle School
What to Note:Homework help system
Teacher communication
Grade Level:Elementary
What to Note:Enrichment activities linked to literacy
Communication with families
School:Thousand Oaks
Grade Level:Elementary
What to Note:Innovative use of very limited space
Enrichment activities
School:Big Rapids
Grade Level:Middle School
What to Note:Internal communication between day and after-school teachers

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