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Stages at a Glance

Tutoring/Homework Help
Beginning: A productive environment for doing homework is created where students can work on homework independently, collaboratively, or with one-on-one help from after-school staff.
  Ongoing: Effective communication is established between classroom teachers and after-school staff, keeping everyone informed of homework that needs to be done and students who need individual help.
  Advanced: Teachers and after-school staff work to implement and revise instructional concepts and strategies.
Enrichment Activities   Beginning: Field trips and programs are offered, focusing on the arts, team-building and life skills, and students' interests.
  Ongoing: After-school activities and field trips are related to and build on the school-day curriculum.
  Advanced: Community resources and professionals are used in the after-school program to illustrate lessons; students present lessons learned.
Internal Communications   Beginning: Information is shared between teachers and after-school staff through memos, bulletins, or assignment books.
  Ongoing: Teachers and after-school staff attend joint strategy meetings to discuss curriculum and activities.
  Advanced: Cross-training happens for both school and after-school staffs; after-school staff sit in on parent-teacher meetings.
Family Involvement   Beginning: Families receive newsletters about after-school events, attendance, and procedures. That information is offered at back-to-school night and other parent forums.
  Ongoing: After-school staff requests parent feedback and recruits them to assist in various activities.
  Advanced: Parents attend planning meetings and are involved in the managing and funding of the after-school program.
Shared Space   Beginning: After-school programs and activities are held in common areas of the school (lunchroom, library, gym, etc.).
  Ongoing: Classrooms are used for both the regular school-day and the after-school program.
  Advanced: The school dedicates spaces to be used only for after-school activities.