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About the Project Partners


About NCREL: Throughout the country, teachers, parents, principals, community members, policymakers, and students are working toward a common goal: improving our nation's schools to make them safe and productive places where children can learn and grow. Since 1984, the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory has been a partner and resource in this important endeavor.

Who We Are: The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping schools -- and the students they serve--reach their full potential. We specialize in the educational applications of technology. One of ten Regional Educational Laboratories, we provide research-based resources and assistance to educators, policymakers, and communities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. NCREL's ultimate goal is to help our clients build tools and apply proven practices to create schools where all students can develop their skills and abilities. We draw on the latest research and best practices to strengthen and support schools and communities in order to make this goal a reality.


WGBH Educational Foundation is one of the nation's leading producers of educational media. In addition to its nationally known series created for PBS, NOVA, The American Experience, and Frontline, WGBH produces video, Web and print resources for learners of all ages. The Educational Programming department of WGBH, producer of the Beyond the Bell video, creates a range of video professional development for teachers at all levels, as well as substantial adult learning resource in conjunction with partners like the Annenberg/CPB channel. WGBH Interactive, which produced the Web component of this project in cooperation with Educational Programming, produces Web sites and other new media projects that complement WGBH's television and video productions for PBS, Annenberg/CPB, regional educational laboratories such as NCREL, and other educational partners. Our work includes sites for learners of all ages including teachers seeking professional development and college students using tele-web courses. Visit the WGBH Educational Foundation Web site at for more information.