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Think with Us: Compare and Contrast

The question was...

How can you involve parents?

You said...

What others do:

Because of the "open-door" atmosphere of the Kids' Involvement Network, our parents do not simply rush in, pick up their child, and leave. Most of our parents come into the program area, visit for a while, join a group activity, and then depart with their child, aware of what's happened that afternoon. We recruit parents for the Parent Advisory Board to share ideas and give feedback about the program. And we have an annual parents' appreciation dinner that brings everyone together.
-- Juanita Lightfoot, Site Coordinator, Kids' Involvement Network (KIN), Thousand Oaks Elementary School

We schedule Family Fun Nights that begin just as the Community Learning Center after-school program is ending. We want parents to learn along with their children or, in some cases, to learn from their children. Family Fun Nights have individual themes like math facts, reading, computers, and the Internet. We also host a student fair once a year and invite the parents and community to a gym full of student exhibits, explained by the students themselves.
-- John Hill, Program Director, Community Learning Center (CLC), Big Rapids Middle School

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