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Think with Us: Compare and Contrast

The question was...

What's the best way to handle homework help?

You said...

What others do:

We use assignment books to help students keep track of their homework assignments and to let the after-school staff know what the students are supposed to be working on. Regular classroom teachers initial the assignments. Even if there is no homework, we ask the teachers to sign off. Of course, assignments or initials are sometimes missing. If that's the case, we seek out the teachers who are still available from 2:30 to 3:00, and students retrieve whatever they need. We build in incentives -- that helps. If students have completed their assignment books for two weeks in a row, they're rewarded.
-- Gail Cooper, Site Coordinator, Sparks After-School Program, Gordon Middle School

At Esperazna, teachers give students a paper with their assignments each day. The after-school staff also gets copies of those assignments. When students arrive at LA's BEST, everyone knows what they need to do. Our student-teacher ratio is 20:1, so we encourage students to work together. Homework becomes a collaborative learning exercise. Students help each other, and of course the staff is there to help them as well.
-- Gabriela Sanchez, Site Coordinator, LA's BEST, Esperanza Elementary School

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