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Think with Us: Compare and Contrast

The question was...

What are the responsibilities of the after-school coordinator and the school principal?

You said...

What others do:

Our program has a small administrative staff, so the principal and the after-school coordinator are the same person. That means a lot of work for one person, but the link to the regular school day is very strong. One of the benefits of this model is centralized leadership. Another is consistency between the academic goals of the classroom and the standards of the after-school program.
-- John Hill, Program Director, Community Learning Center (CLC, Big Rapids Middle School

At LA's BEST, the after-school coordinator is responsible for programming and scheduling, as well as communicating with classroom teachers and parents about students. If there is a problem that requires a meeting with the parents, the principal gets involved. Many of our responsibilities go hand in hand. We communicate with each other about space needs. The principal is responsible for coordinating space and communicating with building staff. When we interview and hire new staff for the after-school program, we do that together.
-- Gabriela Sanchez, Site Coordinator, LA's BEST, Esperanza Elementary School

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