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Training: One Hour Session
What Are Linkages?

This session examines how after-school programs can connect to the regular school day. As an introductory activity, participants watch one 15-minute video segment to identify the elements of successful linkages.

Before Viewing
Ask participants to define "linkages" between the regular and after-school day.

Viewing the Video
As they watch, have participants record examples of linkages they see in the video, as well as any questions that emerge.

    Discussion Questions
  • What are the examples of linkages you noted?
  • How do they resonate with your school and program's goals?
  • What are the differences in your program?
  • What might you try back in your class or program?

School Setting Grade Level What to Note
Gordon Urban/Suburban Middle School Homework help system
Teacher communication
Esperanza Urban Elementary Enrichment activities linked to literacy
Communication with families
Thousand Oaks Suburban Elementary Innovative use of very limited space
Enrichment activities
Big Rapids Rural Middle School Internal communication between day and after-school teachers

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