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Tool 14
Responsibility Checklist for the Principal and After-School Program Coordinator

Directions: The principal and after-school program coordinator should complete this checklist together. Review the tasks in column one. Add any additional tasks that may be needed. Then, for each task in column one, indicate who will be responsible -- the principal or program coordinator -- or whether it will be a shared responsibility. If a responsibility will be shared, decide how it will be shared.




Secure space for after-school activities.   
Inform classroom teachers that their classrooms will be used.   
Provide supplies/materials for after-school programs.   
Handle discipline issues that arise in after-school programs.   
Communicate with parents about the content of after-school programs.   
Recruit students for after-school programs.   
Decide on the type of activities to be offered.   
Hire and supervise staff of after-school programs.   
Register participants for after-school programs.   
Define the after-school staff's training needs.   

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