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Beyond the Bell
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About Beyond the Bell

On any given day, an estimated 28 million schoolchildren need something to do between the time school gets out and the time their parents come home. Communities throughout the United States are responding with after-school programs that provide a safe place for children to be while encouraging academic enrichment.

Strong programs represent tremendous hope for students and communities. But they do not happen overnight. Space, staffing, program content, and parent involvement are just a few of the ongoing considerations after-school programs grapple with. Beyond the Bell offers tools and ideas for staff to help improve the quality of after-school programs. It takes a closer look at the issues driving the need for after-school programs, the challenges these programs face, and the components and people necessary to make after-school programs work.

Beyond the Bell combines the resources of the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) and WGBH in Boston. The resulting web site and video profile four diverse after-school programs to offer insights and strategies for developing after-school programs.

We'd like to thank everyone who invited us into their schools.