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Planning Tools

Responsibility Checklist  Organize tasks and responsibilities  HTML  PDF
Memo Template  Staff communication tool  HTML  PDF
Field Trip Flyer  Coordinate enrichment activities  HTML  PDF
Homework Sharing Tool  Track homework help  HTML  PDF

How to print these planning tools:
These tools are for you to print out and write on. They are provided in two formats: as regular Web pages and as Portable Document Format (PDF) pages. Nothing special is required to print the Web-format pages; select the HTML link, and then print as you would any Web page.

You may find that the PDF versions of the pages print more cleanly. To print the PDF versions, you will need the free Acrobat Reader software available from Adobe. After you install the reader software, return to this page and select the PDF link. They may then be opened in the reader and printed. PDF files may also be saved on your computer for future printing.

These tools are excerpted from the Beyond the Bell Toolkit. The Toolkit contains additional planning tools and materials.  
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