High-Quality Complementary Learning Activities and Programs

Family Involvement and Engagement

Following are summaries of activities and programs that focus on family involvement and engagement.

After School and Summer Enrichment for Elementary School Aged Youth
Boys & Girls Harbor Inc.—New York, New York

Parents are welcome to participate as volunteers or observers in the After School and Summer Enrichment for Elementary School Aged Youth offered by Boys & Girls Harbor Inc. Parents also are welcome to become involved in planning and operations. Progress reports are forwarded to them once a year, and the program conducts "Meet the Teachers" Night, parent-student dinners, parent committee meetings, open houses, and parent meetings and workshops on various topics (such as parenting, health, and finances).

Sonoma SERVES—Santa Rosa, California
The Sonoma SERVES program engages parents from the initial parent meeting to enroll their students through regular check-ins and family nights that focus on a specific theme (such as Math, TV Turnoff, and Literacy). Parents receive an introductory packet asking their student(s) to participate and inviting them to attend a parent orientation. At parent orientation, parents learn more about the expectations of the program; they also are asked for any input or ideas they may have for the program. Parents may participate in two parent nights throughout the year to further reinforce the program concepts and build rapport with parents. The program also offers Parent University, where parents can participate in a series of workshops on communication strategies, gangs and violence, healthy decision making around drugs and alcohol, college preparation, and the developmental stages of adolescence. Other benefits of the free workshops include free child care and Spanish and English interpreters. The parent program is designed to provide a comfortable and safe setting for families to partner with the program to support the positive development of their children.

Techbridge—Oakland, California
Techbridge recognizes the importance of families. The program provides resources and outreach events that are well attended. Materials are translated, and parents are invited through personal phone calls.

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