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Our Work

Our work is making education work.

For more than 20 years, Learning Point Associates has worked to improve teaching and boost learning in schools across the country. We impact the education system by offering research findings and direct experiences that inform funding, policy and programming decisions.

In our efforts to help shape the education landscape, we:

  • Apply research to answer the driving questions influencing education
  • Evaluate the outcomes of policies and procedures to replicate what works and change what doesn't
  • Deliver hands-on support to district and school leaders, uncovering together the factors that contribute to their struggles or support their achievements
  • Provide states with technical knowledge and research-based best practices so both districts and students perform better
  • Develop policy recommendations based on what we glean from our rigorous evaluation and research work, as well as our hands-on experiences.

The work we deliver to our clients is richer and deeper because we draw from our experience as researchers, evaluators, consultants and advisors. Our expertise is concentrated in four critical areas: afterschool services, literacy, district and school improvement, and educator quality.

Our goal is to provide clients with information and strategies that translate into significant change at every level of the education system. Learn more about our impact.

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