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Leadership Team

Gina Burkhardt, Chief Executive Officer
Gina Burkhardt has provided the vision and drive to transform what was formerly known as the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory® into a thriving nonprofit education agency now called Learning Point Associates. She has 20 years of experience working in the regional educational laboratory program and has held classroom teaching, research, consulting, and several nonprofit management posts.

Robert Davis, Chief Financial Officer
As CFO, Bob Davis maintains oversight of the organization’s financial position, fiscal strategy, and assets. With 20 years of financial experience, he is well versed in the areas of federal reporting, compliance, contracting, and negotiations.

Matt D. Dawson, Ph.D., Chief Program Officer
Matt Dawson, Ph.D., the director of REL Midwest at Learning Point Associates, oversees research services. His work includes developing a research agenda that answers critical questions on the PK–20 education system. He has extensive experience designing and developing rigorous experimental research projects. He has the administrative, leadership, and technological skills that ensure the quality of assessment and research. Matt earned a doctoral degree in human development and family science from The Ohio State University.

Lawrence Friedman, Ph.D., Chief Program Officer
A member of the staff since 1986, Lawrence Friedman, Ph.D., oversees the evaluation services of Learning Point Associates, leading large-scale research and evaluation projects, investigating high-priority reforms, and communicating findings and recommendations to policymakers. He has more than 25 years of evaluation and research experience in the United States and abroad.

Susan Hopkins, Chief Officer, Human Resources
Susan Hopkins is responsible for implementing human resources policies and managing activities related to benefits, compensation, employee performance, employee relations, and professional and organizational development. She has extensive experience in management development programs.

Jessica Johnson, Chief Program Officer
Jessica Johnson oversees District and School Improvement Services.  She directs work in curriculum audits, improvement planning, curriculum alignment and development, literacy, and data use. An experienced project manager, Jessica focuses on assisting states and large school districts in gathering data, assessing their situations, and developing short- and long-term action plans to improve student achievement.

Sabrina Laine, Ph.D., Chief Program Officer
Sabrina Laine, Ph.D., the director of the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality at Learning Point Associates, has a diverse background in educational policy and teacher quality. Her work includes several published studies on teacher supply and demand, teacher professional development, alternative certification, teacher recruitment and retention, and teacher turnover. She is skilled in working effectively with local, state, regional, and federal education agencies and is sensitive to the challenges faced by educators in urban, rural, and low-performing schools.

Robert Stonehill, Ph.D., Chief Program Officer
Robert Stonehill, Ph.D., is chief program officer of afterschool and extended learning time programs and a senior contributor to teacher quality initiatives. Before joining Learning Point Associates, he was the deputy director of Academic Improvement and Teacher Quality Programs at the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. His 30-year career at the U.S. Department of Education covered a range of programs—from managing the regional educational laboratories to providing leadership for key policy objectives of No Child Left Behind. He has extensive experience in developing, managing, and evaluating national education initiatives to improve learning and teaching in high-need schools.

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