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How We Work

"How can our district improve our middle schoolers' language arts comprehension?"

"How do we encourage high-performing teachers to stay in the field?"

"What can the state do to increase the performance of the lowest achieving schools?"

Every day, education leaders—teachers, principals, administrators, legislators, and academics—ask questions that lead to new policy directions, funding initiatives, and changes in the classroom. The answers to these questions can literally alter the course of education.

At Learning Point Associates, we help clients find those answers by providing evaluation, policy, professional services and research.


We use our 20+ years of experience in evaluating education programs and policies to ensure that educators have solid, accurate information to drive their decision-making. Our clients—including state education agencies, school districts, foundations, nonprofit organizations, corporations and the U.S. Department of Education—can trust that our approach to evaluation is thorough, rigorous and methodologically sound.

Our staff conducts formative and summative evaluations and policy implementation studies, using experimental, quasi-experimental, and multiple case study designs. Based on our evaluations, clients can assess how well a specific program or set of programs is accomplishing its intended goals, gauge its impact and take action based on the report findings. 

Learn about our study that found playing The Stock Market Game™ yields substantial gains for student achievement in mathematics and financial literacy.

See additional examples of our evaluation work in afterschool services, literacy and educator quality.


We synthesize and disseminate our research on some of the most pressing issues in education today so policy makers can propose solutions based on the latest information in the field. Our clients and constituents include legislators, governors, state leaders, businesses, schools, districts, and state departments of education, chief state school officers, and members of the U.S. Congress. They trust our information to be objective, non-partisan and evidence-based. See examples of our policy work in afterschool services.

Professional Services

We offer hands-on technical assistance and tools so leaders at every level in education enact reforms that increase student learning. Our professional services focus on the areas of:

State consulting—We work directly with state education agencies, providing research and best practices that support sound decision-making. We offer the information administrators need to improve the performance of districts across their state.

District and School Improvement—To improve student achievement, school districts need three things: 1) high-quality information; 2) guidance on how to use that information to achieve reform; and 3) improvement plans supported by parents, community leaders, school and district officials. We provide services that bring these three elements together, from day-long data workshops that prepare leaders to use data to drive change in the school and classroom, to year-long curriculum audits that lead to district-wide improvement plans.

See examples of our professional services work in afterschool services, literacy, district and school improvement and educator quality.


Our researchers conduct short- and long-term studies to increase the body of high-quality information on the most pressing topics in education today and then make it available to education leaders at the state, regional and national levels. We deliver research findings that add to the national discussion, informing funding, policy and programming decisions that can lead to improved student achievement. See examples of our research work in afterschool services and literacy.

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