Investor Knowledge Test Directions

Today you will be taking a test about investing in the stock market. This test will provide information about how well you understand the stock market. Please try your best and do not worry if there are questions you don’t know. You will be allowed to use scratch paper and a calculator (if you have one) to help you complete this test.

The test questions will appear one at a time. On the screen you will see the question and four possible answers. The computer will only allow you to choose one answer for each question. Choose the best possible answer. There is no penalty for guessing.

You can use the mouse to answer the questions and move through the test. To answer the question, put the pointer over the button next to the best answer and click once. To move to the next question, put the pointer over the Next button and click once. You also can go back to questions you have already looked at by putting your pointer over the Back button.

Try not to get stuck on any one question as you are going through the test. If you are stumped on an item, skip to the next question by clicking on the Next button and return to it later. Sometimes a fresh look may help you determine the answer. If you are still having trouble with an item, try to narrow down the list of possible solutions and make an educated guess. You will not lose any points for guessing.

Thank you very much for your participation and effort. Now… take your time, and good luck!