Indiana Diagnostic Assessment Study

Welcome to the website for the Indiana Diagnostic Assessment Study. This study follows two groups of schools in the state of Indiana:

  • A treatment group using diagnostic assessments (supplied by Wireless Generation™ and Acuity™)
  • A control group not using diagnostic assessments.

Teacher instructional practices and student achievement results of these two groups of schools will be compared to see if there are any differences related to their use of diagnostic assessments.

This four-year study is funded by the Institute of Education Sciences at the U.S. Department of Education. It has the support of the Indiana Department of Education, of Wireless Generation, and of Acuity.

Download a PDF document of Frequently Asked Questions Adobe PDF Icon regarding the study.

If you are a teacher in a participating school who missed the initial training session, please read the Requirements for Getting Started Adobe PDF Icon.

If you are a teacher participating in this study, please log in below to access the teacher checklists.

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